TALK TO MEは女性の既製服ラインです。
デザイナーの池邉が日常の中で感じた様々な事柄を衣服に落とし込んでいっています。TALK TO MEという名前は「私と話す」という意味通り、自分自身の内面と向き合いながら生きていく姿勢を表しています。

TALK TO ME is a line of ready-to-wear apparel for women. Shoko Ikebe, the designer, transfers diverse patterns of her own conception to apparel. As suggested by its title, this assortment embodies her stance of communing with our inner dimensions while leading our lives.


organic cotton linen one piece

talk to her

daily wear for Ms.I

02 | talk to her

talk to herは女性の仕立て服のラインです。
日常のお出かけ着から冠婚葬祭の衣服まで、お客さまのご要望に応じて一着の衣服を丁寧にお作りします。ブランド名のtalk to herは、お客さまとデザイナーとの対話によってデザインが生み出される所から名付けられました。

talk to her is a line of made-to-order apparel for women. We prepare complete outfits in response to the wants and needs of the customer for clothing of all sorts, from wear for a simple night out to gowns for weddings and other milestone occasions. The brand name derives from the birth of the articles through dialogue between the designer and her customers.

03 | research & collect


research & collect is a project for the collection and preservation of vintage apparel.
Besides collecting such apparel ourselves, we also are entrusted with special clothing by people who can no longer wear it but are also loathe to discard it.
Apparel that has survived after a long passage of time retains the distinctive mark of human history and its wearer. Through this platform,
we present both the apparel collected and the text of interviews conducted with their wearers.

research & collect